Cooking Ventilation

While doing your cooking chores, you will have to contend with smoke, steam and other types of vapors that come up while you cook your favorite dish. You should also take into account the greasy smell from last night’s leftovers, the moisture as a result of your washing the dishes and the smell that comes from the garbage bin. Take all these issues in your kitchen into consideration and you will understand why it is imperative that you take cooking ventilation seriously.

Importance of Cooking Ventilation

Cooking ventilation is definitely an important fixture in every modern home. In fact, several countries have cooking ventilation systems as one of the standard requirements in the design and construction of homes. There are several types of cooking ventilation systems. These include:

  • Range hood
  • Ventilation hood
  • Exhaust fan

While most modern homes now have kitchen ventilation system as part of their design and construction, homeowners can actually explore various options in the event that they find the need for an upgrade of their kitchen. In short, they can replace their existing kitchen exhaust and ventilation system with another brand of their choice.

Cooking ventilation systems address issues concerning steam, humidity and smoke. Heat and grease are the consequences of cooking while dishwashing generates steam. You will also have to be concerned with the potential problem of carbon monoxide emission when you use gas stove tops in your kitchen chores. Lastly, you may have to address the problem of smells that are overwhelming when you cook certain dishes. All these kitchen scenarios highlight the importance of having the right cooking ventilation system installed in your kitchen.

Types Kitchen Ventilation Hoods

The ‘vented’ type of ventilation hoods is located on the home’s exterior wall as it drives out the air from your kitchen. On the other hand, the ‘ventless’ type of kitchen hood cleans the air through filtration. It recycles the air and drives it back to the kitchen after the filtration process. This type of hood is installed on the exterior walls of the kitchen and is outfitted with a special filtration device that can “clean” or discard the air when it is dirty.

A range hood is basically a fan which is installed just above your stove top. The kitchen ventilation fan is powered on to force out the “dirty” air from your kitchen. Modern range hood models come with lights and are made of different core materials. You can find one that matches your kitchen design and style.

Range Hood Types Based on Installation

Range hoods can also be classified based on the type of installation. The conventional range hoods are normally installed just over the stove top or on the wall. There are also the range hoods that belong to the slide-out kitchen ventilation systems. These are the ones that can be easily removed and are generally concealed under the kitchen cabinet.

Most of the kitchen ventilation brands today are outfitted with an exhaust fan. This component helps in the dispersal of grease and hot air, and there are two types of exhaust fans – the overhead exhaust fan and the downdraft exhaust fan.




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